Want to add something to Braid?

We operate on a pull-based model. Rather than trying to “add something” to Braid, let us know that you think something is missing and we’ll do our best to provide guidance.
We’re a tiny team with a lot of consumers. To avoid being a bottleneck, we operate on the principle that teams should avoid waiting for us as much as possible.
Adding something to Braid takes time. We have to think about every use case. Multiple brands. Mobile, tablet, desktop. Variable content. Different languages. Server rendering. Progressive enhancement. Accessibility. API design and documentation. Hard-coding for a single use case is much easier than generalising across all use cases.
If you think something is missing from Braid, let us know so that we can offer support and keep an eye on emerging trends, but your team should still build it locally in the meantime. Shipping value to users is the ultimate priority.

Fixing a bug?

Feel free to open a pull request, but please take care to properly explain the issue. We want to know what behaviour you were expecting, what went wrong and why, and how your solution works at a technical level.

Don’t work at SEEK?

Please consider this project read-only. We’re happy for you to follow along with our work, copy it, fork it, ask us questions on Twitter, etc. but we’re also wanting to minimise the overhead of managing contributions.