Supports all three levels of FieldLabel:
  • label — primary title of the field,
  • secondaryLabel — additional context, typically used to indicate optionality of a field,
  • tertiaryLabel — further context, typically used for providing assistance with a field.
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A message is typically used to communicate the status of a field, such as an error message. This will be announced on focus of the field and can be combined with a tone to illustrate its purpose.
The supported tones are: "critical", "positive", and "neutral".
Critical message
Positive message
Neutral message
Additional context can be provided with a description. This will display below the field label and also be announced by a screen reader when the field is focused.
Extra information about the field
Mark the field as disabled by passing true to the disabled prop.
Providing a placeholder will display as a prompt to the user no value is entered.
The button inside the field can be used to toggle the visibility of the password.
Translation hint The aria-label for the toggle visibility button can be customised by providing a visibilityToggleLabel prop.
In some cases it may be necessary for a field to be labelled by another element or even not to have a visual label. Instead of providing a label either aria-label or aria-labelledby can be provided.

Custom field label

The label for this field is the Heading element before it.
The label for this field is hidden.